BBW Wife Feminized Her Husband

My husband Larry had the balls to call me fat! His own wife! Now I admit I might be a little heavier than when we were married, but I would much prefer the term “BBW” than being called fat!

The question, was what was I going to do about it? If I said nothing, he would only get worse and more hurtful. Nope, I had to nip this in the bud – and I did!


I feminized him into a sissy and forced him to suck a cock! Yep! With the help of my new .357 pistol. I waited till he was asleep, put my gun up to his head and woke him with the words “If you ever call me fat again I’ll blow your fucking head off! Now put on these panties and high heels for me!”

forced feminization picture
“Dominant Women KNOW How To Keep A Man In Line!”

He was up and prancing about the bedroom in his pretty pink panties and pumps as I sat on the bed laughing and twirling my gun. It was great! He even started crying at one point and begged me not to kill him.

I told him he was going to go down the truckstop, pick up some big hairy trucker and bring him back home so I could watch him suck him off. He cried and said he couldn’t walk the three miles to the truckstop in those heels, so I relented and drove him down in my pickup.

I selected the fattest truck driver I could find and sent my husband over clad only in those panties and heels and told him to pick the guy up – and he DID IT!

Sitting back in the cab I watched as my husband got down on his knees and sucked the guy off right there beside his idling diesel. It was awesome!

And now my husband is VERY polite and even calls me “Dear” again. See what some forced feminization can do for a marriage, ladies?

(Plump and in charge)

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I Feminized Grandpa

I met an elderly woman one day who complained that her husband of sixty two years still scolded and bitched at her all day long. Now I know many long-married couples have settled into a routine and complaining and nagging each other, but this poor lady was at the end of her rope so I decided to help.

You see, I’m a professional Mistress and specialize in forced feminization and sissy male maid training. I could help.

forced feminization picture
“Gramp’s Sissy Ass Is About To Get Banged!”

He was quite the handful at first (many older men are) but I soon had him in a little maid outfit and pretty blue “granny” bloomer panties – which seemed appropriate considering his age.

I invited his now-happy wife to watch as I employed various femdom BDSM training methods to “soften” the old guy up. I whipped and flogged him, twisted his sagging ball sack and limp cock into a knot, but the turning point came when I fetched my BIGGEST black strapon from my bag of tricks and bent him over for a good ass pegging!

You should of heard the swearing and crying as I forced that huge rubber cock up his rectum! You’d think he was going to die! He cursed me, he cursed his wife, but in the end I went balls deep in the old fart’s ass and reamed him like a young prison sissy boy bitch!

After that he was pretty meek and tame, so I turned him over to his wife and told her to keep him in panties, but if he ever gets to be too much to handle to call me and I’ll come right over and tune him up!

A good deed done right!

Mistress Glenda
(I ride male tale)

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Mother Feminized Her Son

How many woman can say they have a sissy son?

And how many women can say THEY were the one’s who feminized him?

When my little Ben was just a boy I started dressing him in female clothing. Not that he had done anything wrong, it’s just I liked buying pretty little female outfits and having them wear them around the house. He looked so cute. And he didn’t seem to mind. I often sent him out to play with his friends dressed as a sweet little girlie. They would tease him sometimes, but he usually liked playing with the girls in the apartment complex and was most happy with their company.

Want To Be A Sissy For Mommy?

As he got older and developed (which I noticed while bathing him) he started to get erections and would masturbate while dressed in his female clothing. I used to have him lay across the bed, pull his panties down and masturbate while I watched and sometimes “helped” him. Some might think it strange, but I enjoyed his little gasps and moans as I stroked his penis and told him what a good little girl he was!

It’s a cruel world out there and I wanted him to be prepared, so one day I took the final step and made him a man – though one that wore a dress and high heels around the house for his mother. He is now a clerk at the local bank and brings home a good salary. He still lives with me and I allow him to suck off my boyfriend from time to time too. All in all we’re a very happy little family and I encourage other mothers out there to feminize their sons if they want a good boy who works hard and doesn’t cause his mommy any trouble!

(Dominant mommy and Mistress)

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He Started Wearing His Mother’s Panties!

This is a hot little forced feminization sissy story with a twist!

Franklin had always enjoyed stealing his mother or sister’s panties from the hamper to masturbate with when he was a teen, but that soon graduated into him wearing them under his trousers when he went to school or later, his job. The thought that he was wearing women’s underwear while no one knew turned him on no end and he used to rush home to jerk off for hours each day week after week. Would he ever meet the right girl?

He worried that one day he’d meet a nice girl and would not be able to explain his strange fetish without fear of ridicule or humiliation. But that was before he met Sara. She was a nurse at the local Veteran’s hospital and they had met through an online dating agency devoted to people into fetishes. They hit it right off and he soon was dating her non-stop.

She knew all about his little “perversion” as he called it and had no problem with it. In fact, she often liked him to lay on the bed in his pink sissy panties and let her masturbate him through the soft material. They would rent forced femininzation movies and watch them together for hours, commenting on the action or the beauty of the various sissy husbands and maids as they had sex with men, women and shemales. Talk about a kinky relationship!

And did they get married? Oh, yes! And now both live uptown near the hospital where she works. She nursing returning was heros and him clerking in a bank – all the while wearing the pretty little panties his wife buys him regularly under his suit! Good for them!

Nice to see two people SO happy and fulfilled!

(Strapon bitch supreme)

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A Sissy For Mommy

Would you like to be a sissy for mommy and suck her black boyfriend’s big cock upon command?

You would if she FORCED you to!

“…After he had donned the little maid’s outfit I had laid out for him, I instructed him to come downstairs into the living room where Frank and I were enjoying a drink. Nw Frank had just gotten out of prison for the third time and was as horny as a man could be. He was the BEST lover, huge and loved to fuck like a caveman. I have to admit it was a bit much for me after a time, so I decided to let my sweet sissy son “take the edge off” him for me, hehe…I made him get down on his knees and take that big black cock in his mouth and suck him HARD! Hands behind his back style as Frank thrust that huge black dick in and out of his mouth…”

Mother knows best and this gal loves sissy training her son in the proper fashion! Would YOU do it?

Mother Mistress
(Making boys obedient)

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