A Sissy For Mommy

Would you like to be a sissy for mommy and suck her black boyfriend’s big cock upon command?

You would if she FORCED you to!

“…After he had donned the little maid’s outfit I had laid out for him, I instructed him to come downstairs into the living room where Frank and I were enjoying a drink. Nw Frank had just gotten out of prison for the third time and was as horny as a man could be. He was the BEST lover, huge and loved to fuck like a caveman. I have to admit it was a bit much for me after a time, so I decided to let my sweet sissy son “take the edge off” him for me, hehe…I made him get down on his knees and take that big black cock in his mouth and suck him HARD! Hands behind his back style as Frank thrust that huge black dick in and out of his mouth…”

Mother knows best and this gal loves sissy training her son in the proper fashion! Would YOU do it?

Mother Mistress
(Making boys obedient)

I’ll Give YOU A Mommy Mistress Sissy Son Experience!
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