Boys WILL Be Girls!

Ever heard the term “boys will be girls”?

You will of if you’re a fan of forced feminization sissy stories and stop by often to check out the awesome erotic tales of male sissy training and humiliated husband sissification articles we love to post often on this blog. We love a man in drag, even if you have to FORCE him to do it – in fact, the MORE humiliating and shameful for the male, the BETTER WE SAY!

Being sexually dominant and in charge is a woman’s RIGHT and DESTINY in this world and making a man cross dress and take a cock while wearing some pretty panties is some shit hot erotic kinky fun for us gals! So get ready guys, the time of the macho man is over, it’s a woman’s world now and you all are going to SERVE


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(We make boys into girls)

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