Forced To Suck

Jerry had been after me for weeks now to go out with him and wouldn’t take no for an answer, and believe me I tried every excuse. I finally decided to teach him a lesson, if he wanted to go out, he was going to have to suffer, hehe

So out we went to a movie (some dumb ass action flick with nothing but car crashes and explosions) and then to dinner. After buying me a few drinks, I invited him over to my place for a little “fun”.

Once we arrived, I introduced Jerry to my roommate, Tanya, and her boyfriend, Lex. After a while, we decided to play some Spin the Bottle for kicks. The first one came to me, and I stripped down to my bra. Then it came to Jerry, who took off his pants. I took one look at his little pecker barely making a bulge in his tight white jockey shorts (those things are so fucking gay) and couldn’t help sneering.

“What can you do with that little worm?”

He didn’t say anything, just blushed and crossed his legs. Cripes was this guy a loser.

When the next turn came to Jerry again, everybody agreed he had to put on my blouse. On the next spin it came to Lex. He took off his pants but wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and whoa did he have a huge cock! Being a black guy I knew he was probably packing, but shit, he could of been a fucking derby winner with that horse cock. No wonder Tanya was always bragging about his skills in bed!

Then the next spin came to Jerry again. This time I pulled out some silver handcuffs and put them on him. Then we all agreed he should suck off Lex. Jerry was shocked, complaining and then said he didn’t want to play anymore, but I told him the only way to get the cuffs off was to play the game! He reluctantly agreed and was soon gulping down Lex’s throbbing ebony meat. It was that fucking easy! What a loser! Forced to suck cock in front of strangers in a game! HA!

Watching Jerry on his knees with Lex’s huge black cock plowing his mouth gave me an idea and went to the bedroom to get something. I came back with a strap-on and Tanya and I took turns buggering Jerry’s hairy asshole long and hard, listening to him groaning and crying out like a bitch all through it.

When he finally got dressed and hobbled out of my apartment I had figured he learned his lesson and wouldn’t bother me again.

But NO, the stupid wimp said he wants to go out with me again!

Is this guy for real? Shit, I think next time I might invite some of Lex’s friends over to gang bang this punk and trick him out as a sissy! Now THAT would be a date to remember!

(Cruel and in charge)

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