I Feminized Grandpa

I met an elderly woman one day who complained that her husband of sixty two years still scolded and bitched at her all day long. Now I know many long-married couples have settled into a routine and complaining and nagging each other, but this poor lady was at the end of her rope so I decided to help.

You see, I’m a professional Mistress and specialize in forced feminization and sissy male maid training. I could help.

forced feminization picture
“Gramp’s Sissy Ass Is About To Get Banged!”

He was quite the handful at first (many older men are) but I soon had him in a little maid outfit and pretty blue “granny” bloomer panties – which seemed appropriate considering his age.

I invited his now-happy wife to watch as I employed various femdom BDSM training methods to “soften” the old guy up. I whipped and flogged him, twisted his sagging ball sack and limp cock into a knot, but the turning point came when I fetched my BIGGEST black strapon from my bag of tricks and bent him over for a good ass pegging!

You should of heard the swearing and crying as I forced that huge rubber cock up his rectum! You’d think he was going to die! He cursed me, he cursed his wife, but in the end I went balls deep in the old fart’s ass and reamed him like a young prison sissy boy bitch!

After that he was pretty meek and tame, so I turned him over to his wife and told her to keep him in panties, but if he ever gets to be too much to handle to call me and I’ll come right over and tune him up!

A good deed done right!

Mistress Glenda
(I ride male tale)

Women With Strapons Rule And Ruin Male Ass!

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