Men In Panties And Boys In Dresses

Here’s a lovely forced feminization article and story that should delight!

In the olden days, a feminine-acting man was called a “sissy” as an insult, but in today’s sexually progressive time many men are PROUD to be a sissy! They wear their panties with pride, so to speak, and make no bones about being able to take a cock as well or better than a woman (pun intended).

Just look at the whole “emo boy” and “goth lad” culture. So MANY of those boys are feminized and proud of it. They paint their nails, dye their hair and openly date other men and boys.

In fact, if you check out some of the social media or fetish dating sites, you’ll see them actively soliciting lovers in the guise of a cross dresser or prancing about as a sweet sissy maid. It’s hot! Why? Because the sight of a man who is feminized is sexually arousing to women too! YEP! We LOVE watching a pretty boy in a sexy dress down on his knees throating a lover’s huge cock or bent over a chair getting moaning like a bitch as he gets pounded up the tight ass by some raging stallion of a man!

So guys, get those panties on and let’s PARTY!

(Men in panties rock)

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Feminized Panty Shame For Sissy Husbands!

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