Mistress Sold Me As A Sissy Slave

Today I am packing my clothes and making ready to leave with my new master, a wonderful man named Prince John. Having completed my feminization and sissy training under the care of my Goddess Mistress Femme, I am now ready to begin my new life serving my black African master. He is a rich man from Nigeria, and a dear close personal friend of my Mistress. Coming to the United States for business, he also was in the market for a new white sissy slave and attended one of Mistresses’ slave auctions, where he purchased me.

Sissy Slaves Purchase Policy

Mistress has a policy of allowing her clients to try before they buy, and I was made to accompany him back to his hotel room for the evening so he could see how well I had learned to serve a master. Making me dress in a sheer pink nighty, lacy thigh high stockings and black high heels, my potential master took me to bed and enjoyed me in as many positions as he could think of. I must say that servicing his giant black cock was an absolute delight, and something I dearly look forward to doing repeatedly as his new sissy male maid back in Africa.

He told me that he has many slaves at his compound in Lagos, but that I will be the only white sissy he has, and as such will be allowed to serve him in the master house and sleep in a private room just off of his bedroom. He is fabulously wealthy and has allowed me to go shopping to my heart’s content, telling me to pick out as many sexy outfits and cute skirts and dresses as my heart desired. Naturally I spent the last two days shopping like crazy and have filled several suitcases with lingerie, shoes and pretty dresses. I have no idea what the shopping situation is in Nigeria, so I want to be well stocked and have many beautiful things to keep my new master sexually aroused and pleased with my appearance.

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I know that Mistress received a good sum for my purchase, and I only hope that I might live up to her standards is a well-trained sissy male maid. It is an honor and privilege to be able to embark on a new life as a feminized male, and something I’ve dreamed about ever since a young boy. My friends and family in my former life have no concept of what it means to secretly be a sissy but be forced to live in unnatural lifestyle as a heterosexual man or husband. So it is with great excitement and anticipation that I now begin my journey to mother Africa to serve my black master in any fashion or manner he so desires!

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