Mother Feminized Me

Would you stand for being feminized by your own mother? You would if you ultimately found the experience erotic and arousing!

“Forced feminization often means never going back to being a true man”. That’s what Gary K told us after he was turned into a sissy not by his wife or lover, but by his own mother! Yes! Seems she had always wanted a little girl and when he was born, she raised him as a boy for the first thirteen years of his life, but then started dressing him as a girl and making him act the role in all family functions. Gary states “At first I thought she was punishing me, but I came to see she actually doted on me more if I played my feminized part. After a while it just sort of seemed, well, normal and I wore female clothing all through high school”.

But what was it like at school to go from being a boy to suddenly showing up in a dress we asked? “Well, we moved to a new town right at that time so I started school as a girl. No one ever knew except for one teacher who seduced me, but because of our age difference he kept it a secret”

Seduced you?

“Yes, I knew he was interested in me and one day after school he kept me after for some home work I didn’t finish. One thing lead to another and I sucked him off on his car in the parking lot. When he found out I was really a boy, he told me he’d never tell a soul. We had a four year affair and when I graduated we moved in together.” Okay, sure, hey, if it works for you, we at Forced Feminization Sissy Stories say GOOD!

So moms, maybe your little guy can grow up to be a gal after all!

(Marry me and you’ll wear the panties)

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