Training A Sissy Son

Okay, let’s get this out in open right away – I seduced my son at an early age and have used him as my personal sex slave for some time now.

Incest? Yeah, that’s what some might call it, but I just call it a mother’s love for her son. Oh, and the fact that I’m also his “Mommy Mistress” makes it even MORE special.

You see, I also feminized him and made him wear female clothing to school. Yes, most the other boys teased and humiliated him for it, but I feel it’s made him a better, more loving person in the long run.

forced feminization picture
“My Boy Loves His Mommy Mistress And Obeys!”

Now you notice I said “most” the other boys teased him, but some didn’t. In fact, some would take him out on dates and have group sex with him out in the woods from time to time. He told me sometimes he would have to suck off three or four boys at a time! That was one busy little sissy son!

DO I punish him? No, not really, he’s a good boy and VERY obedient. The only disciplining I had to do was when he started wearing those VERY short skirts and flashing his panties at some of the older men down at the truckstop. I didn’t want him getting in trouble with those rough types and had to cane him soundly a few times.

But since then he’s been a mother’s dream and is growing into a VERY pretty sissy. He’ll make some stud a good wife or male maid in time.

Mother D.
(I like boys in dresses)

Mother Son Incest Is Taboo – AND HOT!

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