I Pimp Out Sissy Men

I run a service for a very specialized clientele, people who like a feminized man forced to become a sissy male maid or boy whore for their sexual pleasures. Most of my clients are rich and powerful men (and women) from the world of business and high finance. Many are from the Middle East where having male servants that one has sex with is considered normal. In fact, many like having white males feminized and sold into their harems to pleasure them as sissies.

Making Money Through Forced Feminization

So how much do I make? Well, it depends. A good sissy male maid can fetch a thousand dollars a night if he’s young and pretty enough, but the average cost for a night’s pleasure with a feminized man is about five hundred dollars. Of course I offer weekly and monthly rates and if the client is rich enough I sell the sissy outright for a good amount – sometimes as high as fifty thousand dollars.

Do The Men Or Boys Complain At Being Pimped Out?

Why would that matter? A well trained sissy will do what he’s told and not complain or mope. After undergoing their forced feminization training, I usually have whipped, buggered and humiliated the sass out of them and they are now ready to be meek and obedient for their new masters or Mistresess. Having subdued and humiliated them into their new gender roles as sissy male maids pimping them out is easy. They have been trained to suck cock and take it up the ass without complaints, and in fact, many now LOVE being forced to live as sissy male whores for powerful men and actually work on perfecting their cock-sucking and man pleasing skills without having to be forced.

Do Some Rebel?

A few, and yes, a few have had to be castrated and turned into eunuchs but not that many. Most men are weak-willed creatures and having been broken by a dominant woman with a strapon they usually respond well to their training and get on with sexually pleasing their new masters without complaint.

Can We Experience This Without Having To Be There?

Yes, call my sissy feminization phone sex number and one of my Mistresses will begin your sissy training or forced feminization routine. In time you can become a proper sissy male maid and seek your own master or Mistress on the world market. Cheers!

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Mistress Olive
(I break men into gurls)

Does Sissy Femdom Incest Interest You?

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The Penalty Was Forced Feminization

Recently one of my male clients actually hit his wife during an argument. The little shit! No man should raise a hand to a woman and this guy definitely needed a lesson in male behavioral modification from a seasoned professional – me!

Time To Be Punished By The Mistress

His wife told me to use what ever female domination training methods I thought proper to teach him how to respect and adore the women in his life, and I decided the BEST way would be through forced feminization. Being a rich woman, his wife hired a couple of strong fellows to pick him up off the street and bring him straight round to my apartment to begin his training. I should add that being rich and powerful, he was extremely lucky that his wife did not just have him taken out back and beaten with a chain until he cried for mercy! Instead, she wanted him turned into a sissy and taught to obey.


Cross Dressed And Broken With The Strapon

I began our little forced feminization session by instructing him to dress in the little silk panties, stockings and high heels I had picked out for him. He was then brought to me by a couple of my female slaves attired such and tied into position for what was to happen next. He was bent over a rack and shackled hand and foot with his bottom in the air. I then strapped on my biggest rubber cock, grabbed a good set of cat-o-nine-tails and strode into the room on my six-inch stiletto heels.

He was gagged with a ball gag so he couldn’t cry out as I pulled his panties down and proceeded to blister his naked butt with my whip. Again and again I scourged him until the welts rose and blood trickled down his legs. And that was just for starters!

Now Comes The Ass Raping!

Calling for some lubricant I spread his ass cheeks and roughly fingered his clenching anus, working first one, than two and three fingers in covered in lube as his anus muscles relaxed and loosened up. After a few minutes of this I put the head of the black rubber cock at the entrance of his anus and grabbed him by the hair. “Now you’re going to learn what happens to a man who dares strike a woman. Get ready to be the bitch!” He struggled but then groaned loudly as I slammed the strapon balls deep into his clenching asshole. I began to thrust it in and out as hard as I could, making a slapping noise as my thighs impacted his raised ass and legs. I was enjoying riding him like some pleading young prison sissy and spent the next half-hour buggering him like a common street whore.

Did He Learn His Lesson?

It’s too early to tell if his forced feminization has altered his behavior in the right way. I want him to undergo some ass raping at the hands of some of my large black male friends and then introduce him to the joys of sucking cock – all while dressed as a little girl complete with a wig in pigtails and saddle shoes. His wife agrees with me that it might take a few weeks of this before he is ready to return home and assume his new role as a sissy male maid for her household. In the meantime she had taken a new male lover, a well-hung Latino stud named Jose’ who is giving her the hard nightly sex a woman of her age and social status deserves.

Can You Femninize My Man?

Yes, My Mistresses and I offer a service for feminizing males by telephone, it’s not always as effective as being able to strap the man down and physically rape his ass with a strapon as he struggles in his little sissy panties, but it’s great for preparing them for what awaits if they get out of line at home and disobey their wives or girlfriends. And of course some men just get off on being feminized by a sexually dominant woman, which I love because I can really blow their minds with some of the methods I like to use. I like hearing them work their little cocks furiously as they learn what kind of sissy lifestyle awaits them under the thumb of a dominant bitch!

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Mistress A.
(Cruel and strict)

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Forced Feminization As Therapy?

Being a practicing psychiatrist dealing with men and their sexual problems, and also a woman, I’ve probably heard it all. And like many doctors I’m sometimes sick and tired of dealing with whiny men who go on and on about how they can’t get a girlfriend or satisfy their wives sexually and blah, blah, blah! Enough already!

My new way of treating these types of male sexual problems?

Forced feminization!

Yep, I tell my patients that they need to start coming to their therapy sessions with women’s clothing and put them on during our session. And they better include the proper feminine underwear and shoes too!

At first they are shocked, but being losers anyhow they soon submit to my demands and shown up with a bag of female clothing that they m,ust put on before we start. I then hypnotize them and introduce the idea into their weak minds that their sexual problems all stem for the fact they don’t really know HOW to sexually satisfy a woman and that the only way they can learn is to become like a woman!

I make them start to explore masturbating in while wearing panties, sexually stimulating their anuses with a vibrator and fantasizing about being pimped out on the street and forced to suck another man’s penis while in their sissy clothing.

Does it work?

Who the fuck cares?!

I just get to have fun with the poor pathetic creatures and make them do things that would normally shock and mortify ANY man! Being feminized and forced to participate in gay sex is not something that they would ordinarily do, but I soon have them sucking cock like a street whore in no time flat! It’s almost too easy and I have to wonder as a Doctor if most males don’t come hard-wired from birth to be a cross dresser and closet sissy “fag”. Hate to use that term, but that best describes these feminized males.

And in the end that’s all that matters. That they reach some sort of sexual balance in their lives and if being feminized and turned into a sissy makes them stop coming to me with their limp penises and sorry excuses, it’s good!

Besides, it keeps the bills paid and lights on at the office! LOL

(Male forced feminization specialist)

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3 Lessons From A Mom Who Feminizied Her Son

sissy mother
“Want Me To Feminize You Too?”

I admit what I’m about to say might shock many mothers, but here goes – I feminized my teenage son and turned him into a sissy. And no, it wasn’t to get back at his father whom I recently divorced, I did it for his own good – and yes, my financial future.

You see, I was tired of my son Billy being bullied at school because he was rather effeminate and not very athletic. The other boys would call him a “sissy fag” and other horrible things, even though they would often bully him by trying to make him suck their cocks! Can you imagine?

Now I know effeminacy is often considered a special vice, indicative of other negative character traits and strong homosexual tendencies, but Billy was not gay, maybe bisexual, but not gay. Does that make sense?

So to save him further hurt and abuse I decided to step in and help him out. How?

First Seduce Him

Yes, I took my own son to bed and had sex with him. I wanted to show him the proper way to satisfy a woman and how he would have to act if he was going to be a sissy and take care of another man sexually. He struggled with it at first, but once I got him naked in bed nature took over and we had some great sex.

Then Feminize Him

Okay, now comes the fun part for me. I got to pick out cute female clothes and outfits for him to wear and model, do his makeup and off course teach him how to mince and walk in heels. It was fun and I have to say playing dress-up with him was a special mother sissy son bonding time. He soon came to love certain fabrics and made the cutest little slut in his leather mini-skirt and thigh high fuck me boots. He seemed to really like those garish blue wigs the club kids all love, but he was intent on finding his look and I was happy to see him so enthused.

Pimp His Sissy Ass Out

Now it was time to make his debut and find out if he’d learned his lessons well. I took him down to the local truck stop and told him to pick up a trucker and turn a trick with him in the cab of a truck in the lot. He settled on a large black guy and soon had him back in the truck. He told me he sucked him off and got fifty dollars for doing it, and that the man told him he’d be back through in a week and looked forward to seeing him again for another date. Success! He was on his way!

Soon he was working the truck stop with some of the other girls and out earning them too! He brings home a nice chunk of cash and even has a few regular boyfriends who treat him nice and show him a good time. His only complaint is that some of the men have large cocks and it hurts when they fuck him up the ass. I told him not to worry, it will get easier with time.

After all, a mom SHOULD support her sissy son, right? Just as he now supports her!

(A sissy son is a mom’s pet)

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She Whipped Her Sissy Husband

When I feminized my husband and forced him into the sissy side of life, I actually thought my days of disciplining him were through. After all, I had struggled to get him to wear his male maid uniform, punished him until he sucked cock on command and literally wore myself out pegging his ass with a strapon until he was meek and tame.

But did I think I was going to have to whip and flog him on a weekly basis? NO!

forced feminization picture
“Forced Feminization And Whipping Work Well!”

And why do I have to spend hours at night strapping and whipping his ass until it’s red, welted and bleeding?

Because he just will NOT stop masturbating to gay porn on the internet! I swear I must come home from work and find him jerking his cock to pictures of some pretty young boys naked on his computer EVERY damn night!

Now I know a sissy husband sucks cock, but only when his wife allows him to! He must NOT be getting an erection and masturbating without her express permission!

So, it’s down to the basement and fifty lashes across his bare ass until he learns his lesson! A wife MUST be obeyed!

(I will be obeyed in MY house)

Strapons And Femdom Just GO Together So Nice!

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