Men Cuckolded Over The Phone

How would you like a woman to pretend to be your cheating wife and cuckold you over the phone?

We’re women who LOVE to sham, humiliate and yes, even feminize men by telephone as they jerk off under our directions!

Sound like fun?

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We’ve seen and done it all, because we’re married and know how to keep our own husband’s in line, so we’re ALWAYS ready to share our cuckolding expertise!


Forced To Become A Sissy And A Cuckold!

How about another delightful forced feminization sissy story?

When she was a young girl, Lara used to like to dress up her dolls, even the male ones as Princesses and fashion models, so was it any surprise that when she grew into a grown woman and married that she did the same to her husband? Forced feminization was something that James had never heard of before he met his young wife, but after she told him she wanted him to wear a skirt and heels around the house he learned right quick what it meant!

But that was just the START of his descent into sissy hell – she soon was making him masturbate to gay porn while cross dressed as a sissy slut! Lara even began to run ads in the local adult personals advertising her new sissy husband as a sex slave for hire, but only if she could watch! And did people respond to the ad? Hell yeah! Seems the world is FULL of men who want a sweet obedient sissy to fuck for a few hours once or twice a month – she did a good business pimping her sissy husband out, at least for a while‚ but poor James soon developed a bad case of shingles after she had pimped him out to one too many gross fat unwashed truckers from the local truck stop and he had to go into the hospital for a while the poor feminized dear.

And what did she do while he was treated? She took an army of black lovers to bed and turned him into a cuckold as well!

What a fate! Forced to become and sissy and a cuckold too! Isn’t marriage grand?

(I like a good sissy story)

These Men Get Feminized And Sexually Humiliated
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Care To Watch The Feminization Fun?

Small Dick Sissy Loser Goes Gay

or maybe he’s just bisexual?

Either way, he’s dressed as a sissy and smoking cock like a good little bitch! HA!

Small Dick Sissy Loser Goes Gay
“He’s Sucking Cock Now Too The Putz!”

My husband is a fat slob and yes, he’s got the little cock of a small boy! I often put him in panties and parade him before my black lovers. Here’s a picture of me scolding him after I pulled his pink punishment panties down and put the cock measure on him! I couldn’t wait to see him in tears with my boyfriend’s huge black cock stuffed in his mouth, gagging like a little sissy bitch on his first prison date! LOL!

He cried at first but now it kind of sickens me to see how much he LIKES it! I better think of something else to humiliate him with … Hmmm, maybe a good strap-on ass raping in the front yard would do the trick?

Serves him right to SUFFER!

(Married and in charge)

Sissy Shame And Humiliation For Feminized Men
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By Bitches Who Don’t Give A FUCK!

I Forced Him To Watch Me Cheat

My husband Ray used to say that if he ever found out I cheated on him, he’d do something violent…

But I bet in a million years he didn’t think it would be having to get down on his knees and suck a black man off while I took pictures!

“He’s A Cuck Now, The Fucking LOSER!”

Yep! I forced him to watch me cheat with my new “black bull” Reginald and when we were done, I had him force my husband to suck him off too! It was a hoot! The tears were streaming down Ray’s face as he choked down my ebony stud’s giant meat sausage! LOL

And of course he got a good slice of cuckold creampie when were done for the second time. Nothing beats sloppy seconds for a cuck husband to sample!

Try it, ladies, you might just have the time of your life! Even if your husband says he was now going to got out and lay down on the railroad tracks like Ray!

(Married but not faithful)

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