She Whipped Her Sissy Husband

When I feminized my husband and forced him into the sissy side of life, I actually thought my days of disciplining him were through. After all, I had struggled to get him to wear his male maid uniform, punished him until he sucked cock on command and literally wore myself out pegging his ass with a strapon until he was meek and tame.

But did I think I was going to have to whip and flog him on a weekly basis? NO!

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“Forced Feminization And Whipping Work Well!”

And why do I have to spend hours at night strapping and whipping his ass until it’s red, welted and bleeding?

Because he just will NOT stop masturbating to gay porn on the internet! I swear I must come home from work and find him jerking his cock to pictures of some pretty young boys naked on his computer EVERY damn night!

Now I know a sissy husband sucks cock, but only when his wife allows him to! He must NOT be getting an erection and masturbating without her express permission!

So, it’s down to the basement and fifty lashes across his bare ass until he learns his lesson! A wife MUST be obeyed!

(I will be obeyed in MY house)

Strapons And Femdom Just GO Together So Nice!

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BBW Wife Feminized Her Husband

My husband Larry had the balls to call me fat! His own wife! Now I admit I might be a little heavier than when we were married, but I would much prefer the term “BBW” than being called fat!

The question, was what was I going to do about it? If I said nothing, he would only get worse and more hurtful. Nope, I had to nip this in the bud – and I did!


I feminized him into a sissy and forced him to suck a cock! Yep! With the help of my new .357 pistol. I waited till he was asleep, put my gun up to his head and woke him with the words “If you ever call me fat again I’ll blow your fucking head off! Now put on these panties and high heels for me!”

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“Dominant Women KNOW How To Keep A Man In Line!”

He was up and prancing about the bedroom in his pretty pink panties and pumps as I sat on the bed laughing and twirling my gun. It was great! He even started crying at one point and begged me not to kill him.

I told him he was going to go down the truckstop, pick up some big hairy trucker and bring him back home so I could watch him suck him off. He cried and said he couldn’t walk the three miles to the truckstop in those heels, so I relented and drove him down in my pickup.

I selected the fattest truck driver I could find and sent my husband over clad only in those panties and heels and told him to pick the guy up – and he DID IT!

Sitting back in the cab I watched as my husband got down on his knees and sucked the guy off right there beside his idling diesel. It was awesome!

And now my husband is VERY polite and even calls me “Dear” again. See what some forced feminization can do for a marriage, ladies?

(Plump and in charge)

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Feminized With A Strapon By The Wife

Last weekend I had my first family camping trip with my new wife, Sara. I really thought the weekend was going to be great but instead I got my ass raped. By my wife. With a strapon.

On the second night of our trip, I was really feeling tired and sweaty after spending the day hiking all up and down the small mountains around our camping spot. So I grabbed my soap and towel and trotted off to the creek to clean up a bit. I stripped down and was starting to wash up when I got the feeling someone was watching me. Next thing I know Sara was standing at the waters edge and wearing a strapon! WTF? I stood there, naked and in shock trying to keep my ass from puckering at the thought of what she meant to do with it.

She started walking toward me in the water. Before I could even react she was standing behind me with her hands on my hips, telling me to bend over and get ready to be feminized. There was no way I could resist her strong hands and then, good God, she parted my asscheeks, spit on the head of the strapon and SHOVED it into my anus! I groaned but she just kept thrusting and fucking me until I exploded with a huge load of warm cum all down my legs.

After that, she just stood back, patted my ass, turned around and said “that’s just for starters. I want you in panties tonight in the tent”. OMFG. My wife is a sexual dominant and I’m going to be HER bitch!

It was fun once, but I don’t know if this is how I want to go through life? What should I do?

Ashamed (name withheld upon request)

Men Forced To Be Sissies
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Husbands Spanked By Their Wives

Married to a bitch?

“I’m tired of you telling me what to do all the time! From now on I’M the boss of the house and YOU will listen to ME! And just so you remember our new agreement, I’m going to take down your trousers and paddle your bare bottom like a little boy at LEAST once a week!” Mrs. Smales took no shit from her husband, Jack, and when it can to wielding the paddle, she had no qualms about making her husband’s bare ass BURN! What a lovely dominating woman and one who needs to be obeyed!”

Then stop by and see what happens to Husbands Spanked By Their Wives and made to feel the burn of a wife’s hand, belt or paddle upon the naked ass!

Of course you know the first step to complete feminization and obedience is to get the male to submit to punishment on a regular basis, and spanking is a GREAT way to get the process started ladies, remember that! It won’t be long until he’s merrily prancing in his panties and taking cock like a good little girlie!

(Married and in charge)

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