Her Mother Feminized Her Father

A bit of forced feminization and marital advice in this lovely little erotic sissy story!

Gwen had heard stories of her father being a sissy when she was growing up, but it wasn’t until her mother gave her a heart to heart talk about sex before she went off to college that confirmed it.

“Men all need a dominant and superior woman in their lives” her mother Page said “Otherwise they cheat and get into all sorts of nasty and dirty sexual activities!” She went on to tell her daughter about how she had feminized her husband shortly after Gwen was born and made him be an obedient sissy – but only in the bedroom.

“Don’t do it in public” she cautioned “If you do, they might stray – with another man! Something about being feminized makes them as crazy for cock as a woman is. Better to keep it in the marital bedroom where it belongs”.

Gwen took the chat to heart and soon was dating happily all through college – with the condition that all her men wear panties and obey her every command in bed. A custom that ALL the boys did because she was a stunningly beautiful young woman.

We wonder how many parents sent their sons off to college to study hard, play sports and meet the right girl only to find out they had been feminized and turned into a panty sissy in the bedroom by a wisp of a girl? LOL!

Well, they say school is for broadening one’s horizon’s, RIGHT?

(Schooled and ready to feminize)

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