Mommy Mistress Feminizes Her Son

My son Billy has no idea the deliciously evil plans I have for him. See, this Sunday he turns eighteen and his father and I are planning a huge birthday party. What his father and my son don’t know about is the private little get-together I will be holding for him after everyone has left and his worthless old dad has passed out from his usual round of binge drinking and farting. As a very special present from mommy, I am going to initiate my young boy into the wonderful world of forced feminization.

Yes, he is a virgin. How do I know? Well, he and his dad talk and then his dad and I talk, so I know just about everything that boy has been up to – and he’s a little swishy so it’s not much. SO who better to guide this young man into true womanhood (which I have deemed will be his sexual gender role in life from now on) than his very caring, very loving Mistress Mother? LOL!

He is such a sweet boy, and with my special insight I can tell he just needs a little nudge in the right direction to get his feminized sex life going. One night with Mistress Mommy and he will be ready to head out into the real world when he leaves for college this fall with the important knowledge of how to please a MAN thoroughly.

I know I am going to be so proud of “my sissy boy”. I even plan on teaching him how to suck cock so he should be REAL popular in the dorms! Why am I doing this? Because his asshole of a father needs to be shown who REALLY runs the house, and what better way than by feminizing his only son into a cock loving little sissy boy whore? It’s awesome!

And after all, I am a Mistress, that’s what I do!

(My boy is now in panties)

Admit It, Your Little Dick Needs Some Scolding!
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Feminized Into A Sissy By His Wife

Steve was always rather feminine in both dress and appearance, but nothing like what happened after his wife Tina decided to feminize him into a sissy after a particularly bad argument. She put him in women’s clothing, complete with bra and panties underneath – but it was her insisting on him inserting a tampon into his anus for a week each month that REALLY proved she had him feminized and subdued!

She told him “You’re going to be a woman from now on, and part of being a woman was learning to deal with our monthly issues!” Whoa! Talk about being married to a bitch! This woman was not fooling around! She even informed him he would soon be out on the street “sucking black cock” for a living because she didn’t want him pouting around the house crying and whining about being her sissy husband!

And JUST what was it that caused all this in the first place? What was their argument about?

Apparently poor Steve had asked her to cook dinner for him and his friends before a big baseball game came on the TV, one that he had invited them over to watch on the new big screen he had recently purchased – and Tina had wanted to watch the latest episode of “Jersey Shore”!

Imagine that, he went from a simple husband to being a sissy slut all because of a game!

Miss D.
(Not married by cruel)

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Boys WILL Be Girls!

Ever heard the term “boys will be girls”?

You will of if you’re a fan of forced feminization sissy stories and stop by often to check out the awesome erotic tales of male sissy training and humiliated husband sissification articles we love to post often on this blog. We love a man in drag, even if you have to FORCE him to do it – in fact, the MORE humiliating and shameful for the male, the BETTER WE SAY!

Being sexually dominant and in charge is a woman’s RIGHT and DESTINY in this world and making a man cross dress and take a cock while wearing some pretty panties is some shit hot erotic kinky fun for us gals! So get ready guys, the time of the macho man is over, it’s a woman’s world now and you all are going to SERVE


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