Black Cock For A White Sissy

My best friend Karen has been bitching lately about the fact that her husband Reggie really blows in the sack. His penis is small, he can’t always get it hard and not only does he not know how to use it – he can’t even make up for his lack of cock size by bringing her to orgasm with his tongue or even his fingers!

So last Saturday, she and I made a plan for some male “improvement”, hehe, actually I show say “feminization”, because that’s exactly what we did.

Now, I am super lucky gal, my boyfriend Brian not only has a giant black cock, he knows how to use it on girls AND guys! That stud can go all night and loves to try any position or combination of boys and girls I can set up for us (we’re heavy into the Los Angeles swinging scene). And being a former con, he knows how to punk a white boy and make him his sissy bitch.

I guess in the “joint”, as he calls it, he was known for having the prettiest young white sissy boys and would often pimp them out to the other cons for dope and money.

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Strange Ending To A Story Of Forced Feminization

This one has a nice twist!

Jane was throughly sick of her husband Ken’s bitching and moaning about everything around the house. The last straw was when she caught him on some fetish dating site trying to hook up with a couple of lesbians for a threesome. “So, you think you got cock enough for two women?” she bellowed “I think not, I think maybe YOU need to be the bitch and get a taste of cock!” And with that she forced him to into the bedroom where she brutally raped him with a strap-on she had bought only days earlier.

But that wasn’t all! Some forced feminization was in store for old Ken and she soon had him tricked out as a sissy complete with wig, painted lips and high heels! She even went so far as to take pictures of him and post them on Facebook with the caption “Look at the sissy loser I married!” Talk about shame and sexual humiliation! The poor guy was ready to slit his wrists, but it was what she did next that really hurt.

She took out an ad in the local gay men’s personals advertising him as a “sissy maid or cock whore” for hire! YEP! She pimped his sissy ass right out and made sure he went through with it! Made quite a sum from his “tricks” before he one day upped and ran off, never to be seen again!

What had happened that drove him over the edge? Well, apparently she had hired him out as a “sissy party girl” to a group of huge black ex-cons at an inner-city halfway house and they had proceeded to shove their giant black cocks in very orifice until the poor guy just couldn’t take it anymore!

But here’s an update, we later heard that Ken actually ran off with one of the black studs, happy to live out the rest of his wife as the white sissy bitch of his well-hung ebony lover! Now THAT’S a happy ending to a forced feminization sissy story if we ever heard one! RIGHT?


(I love a man in panties with a cock in his mouth)

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