Forced To Suck

Jerry had been after me for weeks now to go out with him and wouldn’t take no for an answer, and believe me I tried every excuse. I finally decided to teach him a lesson, if he wanted to go out, he was going to have to suffer, hehe

So out we went to a movie (some dumb ass action flick with nothing but car crashes and explosions) and then to dinner. After buying me a few drinks, I invited him over to my place for a little “fun”.

Once we arrived, I introduced Jerry to my roommate, Tanya, and her boyfriend, Lex. After a while, we decided to play some Spin the Bottle for kicks. The first one came to me, and I stripped down to my bra. Then it came to Jerry, who took off his pants. I took one look at his little pecker barely making a bulge in his tight white jockey shorts (those things are so fucking gay) and couldn’t help sneering.

“What can you do with that little worm?”

He didn’t say anything, just blushed and crossed his legs. Cripes was this guy a loser.

When the next turn came to Jerry again, everybody agreed he had to put on my blouse. On the next spin it came to Lex. He took off his pants but wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and whoa did he have a huge cock! Being a black guy I knew he was probably packing, but shit, he could of been a fucking derby winner with that horse cock. No wonder Tanya was always bragging about his skills in bed!

Then the next spin came to Jerry again. This time I pulled out some silver handcuffs and put them on him. Then we all agreed he should suck off Lex. Jerry was shocked, complaining and then said he didn’t want to play anymore, but I told him the only way to get the cuffs off was to play the game! He reluctantly agreed and was soon gulping down Lex’s throbbing ebony meat. It was that fucking easy! What a loser! Forced to suck cock in front of strangers in a game! HA!

Watching Jerry on his knees with Lex’s huge black cock plowing his mouth gave me an idea and went to the bedroom to get something. I came back with a strap-on and Tanya and I took turns buggering Jerry’s hairy asshole long and hard, listening to him groaning and crying out like a bitch all through it.

When he finally got dressed and hobbled out of my apartment I had figured he learned his lesson and wouldn’t bother me again.

But NO, the stupid wimp said he wants to go out with me again!

Is this guy for real? Shit, I think next time I might invite some of Lex’s friends over to gang bang this punk and trick him out as a sissy! Now THAT would be a date to remember!

(Cruel and in charge)

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Feminized By The Maid

Roger didn’t think twice about making his poor black maid Sara work overtime with no pay or insulting her by calling her “Aunt Jemima” when he got mad at her. He even forced her to wear a skirt that was way too small for her rather large build and would laugh if her large bottom showed beneath the hemline when she bent over while cleaning.

But all that came to an end one day when Sara brought someone to work with her – her large ex-con boyfriend Nigel. A huge hulking black man who had just gotten done serving eight years of hard time in prison, and had a mean reputation for “Busting white sissy bitches in the ass” while doing time.

Before Roger could even ask what Nigel was doing there the huge thug had him by the throat.

“You think it funny to be dogging my woman?” he thundered “Well, I knows how to fix your white ass, bitch!”

He threw Roger to his knees, grabbed him by the hair, pulled out his nine inch erect black cock and shoved it in to Roger’s mouth with a grin. “See, baby” he said “This is how you treat a white boy who needs busting”.

Sara smiled. “I’ll be right back” and she disappeared into the maid’s dressing room to fetch the small uniform Roger had made her wear these past few weeks, Upon returning to the room, she held it out. “Make him wear this!”

“Just as soon as he’s done here”. And after Nigel had ejaculated all over Roger’s face, he picked him up by the hair and pointed him toward the uniform. “Get that on, bitch or I’m going to throw your ass out the fucking window!”

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Shocked and scared out of his wits, Roger put on the little maid uniform and stood there shaking, not knowing what was to come next.

“Make him do some cleaning, Nigel” Sara said, then watched gleefully as Nigel forced Roger to dust, sweep and scrub about the house for the next thirty minutes. All the time yelling insults at Roger like “Sissy bitch” and “Punk ass sissy”.

And while poor Roger was bent over cleaning some books on the bottom shelf like he had made Sara do many times before, Nigel grinned at Sara and said “Look at that white sissy ass bent over, baby. Want to see me fuck this sissy boy good like I did in the pen?” Sara nodded “Make him a bitch, baby” she said.

Before Roger could flee the room Nigel had him bent over the couch with his skirt up and frilly panties down. “Now you be getting a good ass punking, bitch” Nigel roared as he levered his massive hard black cock into Roger’s tight virgin asshole, using only a dab of hot spit as lube. “You going to be my prison bitch sissy from now on and I’m going to fuck your tight white ass everyday!” He slammed his cock again and again into Roger’s stinging anus, going balls deep each time and working up to a fierce climax.

Pulling out he thundered “Get down and swallow this load of man gravy, bitch!” Grabbing Roger by the hair once more and launching a giant load of hot semen down his throat and all over his lips and chin. Finally he was drained, shaking his huge cock dry, then released Roger.

“You ever make fun of my woman again I’m going to come back here and make you my sissy bitch again, you hear boy?”

And with that he grabbed Sara, turned and left!

Poor Roger, turned into a sissy male maid and punked by a black man all in one day!

Mistress Tia
(Bitch Mistress In Charge)

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A Sissy For Mommy

Would you like to be a sissy for mommy and suck her black boyfriend’s big cock upon command?

You would if she FORCED you to!

“…After he had donned the little maid’s outfit I had laid out for him, I instructed him to come downstairs into the living room where Frank and I were enjoying a drink. Nw Frank had just gotten out of prison for the third time and was as horny as a man could be. He was the BEST lover, huge and loved to fuck like a caveman. I have to admit it was a bit much for me after a time, so I decided to let my sweet sissy son “take the edge off” him for me, hehe…I made him get down on his knees and take that big black cock in his mouth and suck him HARD! Hands behind his back style as Frank thrust that huge black dick in and out of his mouth…”

Mother knows best and this gal loves sissy training her son in the proper fashion! Would YOU do it?

Mother Mistress
(Making boys obedient)

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I Want To Be A Sissy Bitch

A letter from a fan:

“Hi! I am really nervous and new about all this feminization stuff, but I am looking to have my first sexual experience with another guy. I have to be completely discreet cause I am the son of a VERY famous politician, but I can’t stop thinking about what it would be like to be ridden by a big black man. I know how wrong this is but I can’t help myself.

It’s all because my last girlfriend forced me to wear these little pink panties in bed and let her do me in the ass with a strapon. Now when I go to the gym each night I find it harder and harder to stop staring at the muscular chests and tight asses of the male bodybuilders lifting weights. I like to fantasize that I’m dressed as a pretty girl and they’re my boyfriends.

Sometimes, I have to stop in the middle of my workout and head to a stall in the restroom to jerk my cock at the thought of being forced to be their sissy bitch for the night. Of course in the locker room it is worse, because they are all naked and their big cocks dripping from their recent showers. God I am in agony! What should I do? Where should I turn?

Does this mean I am really gay, or am I going through some weird phase? All I know is that I want to wear female clothing and suck another guy’s hard, black cock. I want to feel his steaming jizz splash all over my painted mouth. I want to lick his salty cum and swallow it all down. I think I will die if I don’t find a way to make this happen. And soon! I can’t bare this longing much more. Can you help me?

Sissy Curious (name withheld upon request)”

Sounds natural to us, Honey!

(I feminize boys)

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Feminized With A Strapon By The Wife

Last weekend I had my first family camping trip with my new wife, Sara. I really thought the weekend was going to be great but instead I got my ass raped. By my wife. With a strapon.

On the second night of our trip, I was really feeling tired and sweaty after spending the day hiking all up and down the small mountains around our camping spot. So I grabbed my soap and towel and trotted off to the creek to clean up a bit. I stripped down and was starting to wash up when I got the feeling someone was watching me. Next thing I know Sara was standing at the waters edge and wearing a strapon! WTF? I stood there, naked and in shock trying to keep my ass from puckering at the thought of what she meant to do with it.

She started walking toward me in the water. Before I could even react she was standing behind me with her hands on my hips, telling me to bend over and get ready to be feminized. There was no way I could resist her strong hands and then, good God, she parted my asscheeks, spit on the head of the strapon and SHOVED it into my anus! I groaned but she just kept thrusting and fucking me until I exploded with a huge load of warm cum all down my legs.

After that, she just stood back, patted my ass, turned around and said “that’s just for starters. I want you in panties tonight in the tent”. OMFG. My wife is a sexual dominant and I’m going to be HER bitch!

It was fun once, but I don’t know if this is how I want to go through life? What should I do?

Ashamed (name withheld upon request)

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