Forced To Suck

Jerry had been after me for weeks now to go out with him and wouldn’t take no for an answer, and believe me I tried every excuse. I finally decided to teach him a lesson, if he wanted to go out, he was going to have to suffer, hehe

So out we went to a movie (some dumb ass action flick with nothing but car crashes and explosions) and then to dinner. After buying me a few drinks, I invited him over to my place for a little “fun”.

Once we arrived, I introduced Jerry to my roommate, Tanya, and her boyfriend, Lex. After a while, we decided to play some Spin the Bottle for kicks. The first one came to me, and I stripped down to my bra. Then it came to Jerry, who took off his pants. I took one look at his little pecker barely making a bulge in his tight white jockey shorts (those things are so fucking gay) and couldn’t help sneering.

“What can you do with that little worm?”

He didn’t say anything, just blushed and crossed his legs. Cripes was this guy a loser.

When the next turn came to Jerry again, everybody agreed he had to put on my blouse. On the next spin it came to Lex. He took off his pants but wasn’t wearing anything underneath, and whoa did he have a huge cock! Being a black guy I knew he was probably packing, but shit, he could of been a fucking derby winner with that horse cock. No wonder Tanya was always bragging about his skills in bed!

Then the next spin came to Jerry again. This time I pulled out some silver handcuffs and put them on him. Then we all agreed he should suck off Lex. Jerry was shocked, complaining and then said he didn’t want to play anymore, but I told him the only way to get the cuffs off was to play the game! He reluctantly agreed and was soon gulping down Lex’s throbbing ebony meat. It was that fucking easy! What a loser! Forced to suck cock in front of strangers in a game! HA!

Watching Jerry on his knees with Lex’s huge black cock plowing his mouth gave me an idea and went to the bedroom to get something. I came back with a strap-on and Tanya and I took turns buggering Jerry’s hairy asshole long and hard, listening to him groaning and crying out like a bitch all through it.

When he finally got dressed and hobbled out of my apartment I had figured he learned his lesson and wouldn’t bother me again.

But NO, the stupid wimp said he wants to go out with me again!

Is this guy for real? Shit, I think next time I might invite some of Lex’s friends over to gang bang this punk and trick him out as a sissy! Now THAT would be a date to remember!

(Cruel and in charge)

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I Pimp Out Sissy Men

I run a service for a very specialized clientele, people who like a feminized man forced to become a sissy male maid or boy whore for their sexual pleasures. Most of my clients are rich and powerful men (and women) from the world of business and high finance. Many are from the Middle East where having male servants that one has sex with is considered normal. In fact, many like having white males feminized and sold into their harems to pleasure them as sissies.

Making Money Through Forced Feminization

So how much do I make? Well, it depends. A good sissy male maid can fetch a thousand dollars a night if he’s young and pretty enough, but the average cost for a night’s pleasure with a feminized man is about five hundred dollars. Of course I offer weekly and monthly rates and if the client is rich enough I sell the sissy outright for a good amount – sometimes as high as fifty thousand dollars.

Do The Men Or Boys Complain At Being Pimped Out?

Why would that matter? A well trained sissy will do what he’s told and not complain or mope. After undergoing their forced feminization training, I usually have whipped, buggered and humiliated the sass out of them and they are now ready to be meek and obedient for their new masters or Mistresess. Having subdued and humiliated them into their new gender roles as sissy male maids pimping them out is easy. They have been trained to suck cock and take it up the ass without complaints, and in fact, many now LOVE being forced to live as sissy male whores for powerful men and actually work on perfecting their cock-sucking and man pleasing skills without having to be forced.

Do Some Rebel?

A few, and yes, a few have had to be castrated and turned into eunuchs but not that many. Most men are weak-willed creatures and having been broken by a dominant woman with a strapon they usually respond well to their training and get on with sexually pleasing their new masters without complaint.

Can We Experience This Without Having To Be There?

Yes, call my sissy feminization phone sex number and one of my Mistresses will begin your sissy training or forced feminization routine. In time you can become a proper sissy male maid and seek your own master or Mistress on the world market. Cheers!

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Mistress Olive
(I break men into gurls)

Does Sissy Femdom Incest Interest You?

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Forced Feminization As Therapy?

Being a practicing psychiatrist dealing with men and their sexual problems, and also a woman, I’ve probably heard it all. And like many doctors I’m sometimes sick and tired of dealing with whiny men who go on and on about how they can’t get a girlfriend or satisfy their wives sexually and blah, blah, blah! Enough already!

My new way of treating these types of male sexual problems?

Forced feminization!

Yep, I tell my patients that they need to start coming to their therapy sessions with women’s clothing and put them on during our session. And they better include the proper feminine underwear and shoes too!

At first they are shocked, but being losers anyhow they soon submit to my demands and shown up with a bag of female clothing that they m,ust put on before we start. I then hypnotize them and introduce the idea into their weak minds that their sexual problems all stem for the fact they don’t really know HOW to sexually satisfy a woman and that the only way they can learn is to become like a woman!

I make them start to explore masturbating in while wearing panties, sexually stimulating their anuses with a vibrator and fantasizing about being pimped out on the street and forced to suck another man’s penis while in their sissy clothing.

Does it work?

Who the fuck cares?!

I just get to have fun with the poor pathetic creatures and make them do things that would normally shock and mortify ANY man! Being feminized and forced to participate in gay sex is not something that they would ordinarily do, but I soon have them sucking cock like a street whore in no time flat! It’s almost too easy and I have to wonder as a Doctor if most males don’t come hard-wired from birth to be a cross dresser and closet sissy “fag”. Hate to use that term, but that best describes these feminized males.

And in the end that’s all that matters. That they reach some sort of sexual balance in their lives and if being feminized and turned into a sissy makes them stop coming to me with their limp penises and sorry excuses, it’s good!

Besides, it keeps the bills paid and lights on at the office! LOL

(Male forced feminization specialist)

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BBW Wife Feminized Her Husband

My husband Larry had the balls to call me fat! His own wife! Now I admit I might be a little heavier than when we were married, but I would much prefer the term “BBW” than being called fat!

The question, was what was I going to do about it? If I said nothing, he would only get worse and more hurtful. Nope, I had to nip this in the bud – and I did!


I feminized him into a sissy and forced him to suck a cock! Yep! With the help of my new .357 pistol. I waited till he was asleep, put my gun up to his head and woke him with the words “If you ever call me fat again I’ll blow your fucking head off! Now put on these panties and high heels for me!”

forced feminization picture
“Dominant Women KNOW How To Keep A Man In Line!”

He was up and prancing about the bedroom in his pretty pink panties and pumps as I sat on the bed laughing and twirling my gun. It was great! He even started crying at one point and begged me not to kill him.

I told him he was going to go down the truckstop, pick up some big hairy trucker and bring him back home so I could watch him suck him off. He cried and said he couldn’t walk the three miles to the truckstop in those heels, so I relented and drove him down in my pickup.

I selected the fattest truck driver I could find and sent my husband over clad only in those panties and heels and told him to pick the guy up – and he DID IT!

Sitting back in the cab I watched as my husband got down on his knees and sucked the guy off right there beside his idling diesel. It was awesome!

And now my husband is VERY polite and even calls me “Dear” again. See what some forced feminization can do for a marriage, ladies?

(Plump and in charge)

Extremely Kinky Sex Personals With Pictures!

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Cock Trained And Feminized

A little tale of forced feminization and male cock sucking training by a Mistress that should arouse the spirit and fire the blood!

Would you allow a woman to forcibly feminize you? Make you wear female clothing and even sexually service other men? You would if you met Mistress Tara!

“I find that most men, after you strip them and get them broken down mentally will willingly play the feminine role in sex. It doesn’t take much to get them used to the idea of moaning like a little sissy prison bitch while you mount them anally with a strapon on a regular basis. And sucking cock? Trust me, girls, ALL men secretly want to wear panties and suck a cock, the bigger the better! I should know, I’ve used forced feminization and sissy training on over a hundred males and NEVER had one not go down on a cock if I command it! They LIVE for the JIZZ!”

So, are you one of the “lucky hundred” or still waiting your turn to have a beautiful strong and sexually dominant woman feminize YOU into a cock crazy sissy!

Mistress D.
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Little Dick Men Shamed And Humiliated
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