Small Dick Sissy Loser Goes Gay

or maybe he’s just bisexual?

Either way, he’s dressed as a sissy and smoking cock like a good little bitch! HA!

Small Dick Sissy Loser Goes Gay
“He’s Sucking Cock Now Too The Putz!”

My husband is a fat slob and yes, he’s got the little cock of a small boy! I often put him in panties and parade him before my black lovers. Here’s a picture of me scolding him after I pulled his pink punishment panties down and put the cock measure on him! I couldn’t wait to see him in tears with my boyfriend’s huge black cock stuffed in his mouth, gagging like a little sissy bitch on his first prison date! LOL!

He cried at first but now it kind of sickens me to see how much he LIKES it! I better think of something else to humiliate him with … Hmmm, maybe a good strap-on ass raping in the front yard would do the trick?

Serves him right to SUFFER!

(Married and in charge)

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