3 Lessons From A Mom Who Feminizied Her Son

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“Want Me To Feminize You Too?”

I admit what I’m about to say might shock many mothers, but here goes – I feminized my teenage son and turned him into a sissy. And no, it wasn’t to get back at his father whom I recently divorced, I did it for his own good – and yes, my financial future.

You see, I was tired of my son Billy being bullied at school because he was rather effeminate and not very athletic. The other boys would call him a “sissy fag” and other horrible things, even though they would often bully him by trying to make him suck their cocks! Can you imagine?

Now I know effeminacy is often considered a special vice, indicative of other negative character traits and strong homosexual tendencies, but Billy was not gay, maybe bisexual, but not gay. Does that make sense?

So to save him further hurt and abuse I decided to step in and help him out. How?

First Seduce Him

Yes, I took my own son to bed and had sex with him. I wanted to show him the proper way to satisfy a woman and how he would have to act if he was going to be a sissy and take care of another man sexually. He struggled with it at first, but once I got him naked in bed nature took over and we had some great sex.

Then Feminize Him

Okay, now comes the fun part for me. I got to pick out cute female clothes and outfits for him to wear and model, do his makeup and off course teach him how to mince and walk in heels. It was fun and I have to say playing dress-up with him was a special mother sissy son bonding time. He soon came to love certain fabrics and made the cutest little slut in his leather mini-skirt and thigh high fuck me boots. He seemed to really like those garish blue wigs the club kids all love, but he was intent on finding his look and I was happy to see him so enthused.

Pimp His Sissy Ass Out

Now it was time to make his debut and find out if he’d learned his lessons well. I took him down to the local truck stop and told him to pick up a trucker and turn a trick with him in the cab of a truck in the lot. He settled on a large black guy and soon had him back in the truck. He told me he sucked him off and got fifty dollars for doing it, and that the man told him he’d be back through in a week and looked forward to seeing him again for another date. Success! He was on his way!

Soon he was working the truck stop with some of the other girls and out earning them too! He brings home a nice chunk of cash and even has a few regular boyfriends who treat him nice and show him a good time. His only complaint is that some of the men have large cocks and it hurts when they fuck him up the ass. I told him not to worry, it will get easier with time.

After all, a mom SHOULD support her sissy son, right? Just as he now supports her!

(A sissy son is a mom’s pet)

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Training A Sissy Son

Okay, let’s get this out in open right away – I seduced my son at an early age and have used him as my personal sex slave for some time now.

Incest? Yeah, that’s what some might call it, but I just call it a mother’s love for her son. Oh, and the fact that I’m also his “Mommy Mistress” makes it even MORE special.

You see, I also feminized him and made him wear female clothing to school. Yes, most the other boys teased and humiliated him for it, but I feel it’s made him a better, more loving person in the long run.

forced feminization picture
“My Boy Loves His Mommy Mistress And Obeys!”

Now you notice I said “most” the other boys teased him, but some didn’t. In fact, some would take him out on dates and have group sex with him out in the woods from time to time. He told me sometimes he would have to suck off three or four boys at a time! That was one busy little sissy son!

DO I punish him? No, not really, he’s a good boy and VERY obedient. The only disciplining I had to do was when he started wearing those VERY short skirts and flashing his panties at some of the older men down at the truckstop. I didn’t want him getting in trouble with those rough types and had to cane him soundly a few times.

But since then he’s been a mother’s dream and is growing into a VERY pretty sissy. He’ll make some stud a good wife or male maid in time.

Mother D.
(I like boys in dresses)

Mother Son Incest Is Taboo – AND HOT!

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Mother Feminized Her Son

How many woman can say they have a sissy son?

And how many women can say THEY were the one’s who feminized him?

When my little Ben was just a boy I started dressing him in female clothing. Not that he had done anything wrong, it’s just I liked buying pretty little female outfits and having them wear them around the house. He looked so cute. And he didn’t seem to mind. I often sent him out to play with his friends dressed as a sweet little girlie. They would tease him sometimes, but he usually liked playing with the girls in the apartment complex and was most happy with their company.

Want To Be A Sissy For Mommy?

As he got older and developed (which I noticed while bathing him) he started to get erections and would masturbate while dressed in his female clothing. I used to have him lay across the bed, pull his panties down and masturbate while I watched and sometimes “helped” him. Some might think it strange, but I enjoyed his little gasps and moans as I stroked his penis and told him what a good little girl he was!

It’s a cruel world out there and I wanted him to be prepared, so one day I took the final step and made him a man – though one that wore a dress and high heels around the house for his mother. He is now a clerk at the local bank and brings home a good salary. He still lives with me and I allow him to suck off my boyfriend from time to time too. All in all we’re a very happy little family and I encourage other mothers out there to feminize their sons if they want a good boy who works hard and doesn’t cause his mommy any trouble!

(Dominant mommy and Mistress)

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