Men In Panties

As a professional Mistress you can well imagine I whip and flog men on a daily basis. But one little twist I put on it is to make all my males wear a pair of female panties as I punish them!

I just love taunting and humiliating them about being in panties and under the thumb of a dominant woman. I also make them masturbate while wearing girl’s underwear so they come to associate the soft feeling of women’s clothing with having an orgasm. It makes feminizing them later on SO much easier!

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“Flogging, Spanking, Whipping, It’s ALL Good!”

So, if I could give one bit of advice to all the married women out there, it would be this – put your man in panties and treat him cruel! Trust me, gals, he’ll be all the more obedient and tame down the line!

Mistress Dora
(Love a man in panties – to whip!)

Spanking Your Husband Can Be Fun – FOR YOU!

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Men In Panties And Boys In Dresses

Here’s a lovely forced feminization article and story that should delight!

In the olden days, a feminine-acting man was called a “sissy” as an insult, but in today’s sexually progressive time many men are PROUD to be a sissy! They wear their panties with pride, so to speak, and make no bones about being able to take a cock as well or better than a woman (pun intended).

Just look at the whole “emo boy” and “goth lad” culture. So MANY of those boys are feminized and proud of it. They paint their nails, dye their hair and openly date other men and boys.

In fact, if you check out some of the social media or fetish dating sites, you’ll see them actively soliciting lovers in the guise of a cross dresser or prancing about as a sweet sissy maid. It’s hot! Why? Because the sight of a man who is feminized is sexually arousing to women too! YEP! We LOVE watching a pretty boy in a sexy dress down on his knees throating a lover’s huge cock or bent over a chair getting moaning like a bitch as he gets pounded up the tight ass by some raging stallion of a man!

So guys, get those panties on and let’s PARTY!

(Men in panties rock)

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Feminized Panty Shame For Sissy Husbands!

Forced Feminization And Sissy Training For Men

Sold to a mature Mistress for forced feminization and sissy training, these men (and sometimes boys) are soon introduced to a whole new world of erotic delights and sensual adventures!

Forced Feminization And Sissy Training For Men
“Can Men Find True Happiness As Feminized Sissies? YOU BET THEY WILL!”

Under the gentle, but FIRM hand of their mature Mistress, these feminized males soon adapt well to their new roles. Their wives are amazed at how gentle and docile their husbands and sons have become and many enjoy watching them being milked, rubbing their cocks together in panties and more EXTREME sissy sexual activities and “chores”, LOL!

If you enjoy watching sissy feminization video and dominant women at work, then we invite YOU to come have a look! It’s UNCENSORED and TOTALLY HOT!

There’s NEVER a dull moment when there’s a sissy in the house!!!

Mistress F.
(I make boys into girls)

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