He Started Wearing His Mother’s Panties!

This is a hot little forced feminization sissy story with a twist!

Franklin had always enjoyed stealing his mother or sister’s panties from the hamper to masturbate with when he was a teen, but that soon graduated into him wearing them under his trousers when he went to school or later, his job. The thought that he was wearing women’s underwear while no one knew turned him on no end and he used to rush home to jerk off for hours each day week after week. Would he ever meet the right girl?

He worried that one day he’d meet a nice girl and would not be able to explain his strange fetish without fear of ridicule or humiliation. But that was before he met Sara. She was a nurse at the local Veteran’s hospital and they had met through an online dating agency devoted to people into fetishes. They hit it right off and he soon was dating her non-stop.

She knew all about his little “perversion” as he called it and had no problem with it. In fact, she often liked him to lay on the bed in his pink sissy panties and let her masturbate him through the soft material. They would rent forced femininzation movies and watch them together for hours, commenting on the action or the beauty of the various sissy husbands and maids as they had sex with men, women and shemales. Talk about a kinky relationship!

And did they get married? Oh, yes! And now both live uptown near the hospital where she works. She nursing returning was heros and him clerking in a bank – all the while wearing the pretty little panties his wife buys him regularly under his suit! Good for them!

Nice to see two people SO happy and fulfilled!

(Strapon bitch supreme)

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Her Mother Feminized Her Father

A bit of forced feminization and marital advice in this lovely little erotic sissy story!

Gwen had heard stories of her father being a sissy when she was growing up, but it wasn’t until her mother gave her a heart to heart talk about sex before she went off to college that confirmed it.

“Men all need a dominant and superior woman in their lives” her mother Page said “Otherwise they cheat and get into all sorts of nasty and dirty sexual activities!” She went on to tell her daughter about how she had feminized her husband shortly after Gwen was born and made him be an obedient sissy – but only in the bedroom.

“Don’t do it in public” she cautioned “If you do, they might stray – with another man! Something about being feminized makes them as crazy for cock as a woman is. Better to keep it in the marital bedroom where it belongs”.

Gwen took the chat to heart and soon was dating happily all through college – with the condition that all her men wear panties and obey her every command in bed. A custom that ALL the boys did because she was a stunningly beautiful young woman.

We wonder how many parents sent their sons off to college to study hard, play sports and meet the right girl only to find out they had been feminized and turned into a panty sissy in the bedroom by a wisp of a girl? LOL!

Well, they say school is for broadening one’s horizon’s, RIGHT?

(Schooled and ready to feminize)

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Feminized With A Strapon By The Wife

Last weekend I had my first family camping trip with my new wife, Sara. I really thought the weekend was going to be great but instead I got my ass raped. By my wife. With a strapon.

On the second night of our trip, I was really feeling tired and sweaty after spending the day hiking all up and down the small mountains around our camping spot. So I grabbed my soap and towel and trotted off to the creek to clean up a bit. I stripped down and was starting to wash up when I got the feeling someone was watching me. Next thing I know Sara was standing at the waters edge and wearing a strapon! WTF? I stood there, naked and in shock trying to keep my ass from puckering at the thought of what she meant to do with it.

She started walking toward me in the water. Before I could even react she was standing behind me with her hands on my hips, telling me to bend over and get ready to be feminized. There was no way I could resist her strong hands and then, good God, she parted my asscheeks, spit on the head of the strapon and SHOVED it into my anus! I groaned but she just kept thrusting and fucking me until I exploded with a huge load of warm cum all down my legs.

After that, she just stood back, patted my ass, turned around and said “that’s just for starters. I want you in panties tonight in the tent”. OMFG. My wife is a sexual dominant and I’m going to be HER bitch!

It was fun once, but I don’t know if this is how I want to go through life? What should I do?

Ashamed (name withheld upon request)

Men Forced To Be Sissies
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