My Femdom Sissy

Let me tell you about My Femdom Sissy, a sweet and meek creature I feminized out of a bossy male.

It all started when his wife came to me in tears and said she was tired of trying to cope with a cruel and abusive husband. He would order her about, berate her in front of others and even STRIKE her from time to time. Well that’s one thing I cannot abide, a man hitting a woman, especially his wife!

So I had her bring him over for a little “chat”. Under the guise of hiring me as a nanny to their young son, he agreed to come by my house for an interview. Once inside I had two of my large black slaves grab him and bundle him off to the dungeon. His first week was spent bound hand and foot being repeatedly ass raped by my two bulls and of course forced to suck their huge black cocks while I watched and took pictures for his wife. After that he was freed and allowed to roam the dungeon at will.

At night I would flog him without mercy and take a cane to his blistered butt when the fancy struck me. After a month of this (he was of course fired from his job in the meantime but his wife had her own source of income so it was no great hardship for their child) I made him dress in panties and high heels to serve as a male maid upstairs. His will was now broken and he instantly responded to my commands without hesitation. His only request was that I allow him to service the two black slaves as their want.

How’s that! He went from being a bossy rude male pig to a black cock sissy whore in less than 2 months! I was impressed with his zeal and made arrangements to buy him from his wife. I wanted him in my stable. She agreed and he’s now my male maid and the number one slave in the house! What a transformation. All through the wonders of forced feminization and sissy male maid training!

Mistress Carmia
(I break males)

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