Ordeal Of A Prison Sissy

In March of 2011, I was sentenced to 5 years in jail for car theft. Being only 18 years old, the judge thought he was being lenient by giving me the minimum sentence but since I have been here I have been forced to undergo the most grueling and sexually degrading experience of my life. Being rather frail and not very tough I was immediately set upon by the huge muscular cons and lifers who daily prowl the cellblock looking for young boys.

A Black Con’s White Sissy Boy

I suppose I should say I was lucky enough to come under the protection of a huge black con name Tiny, who took me under his wing and made me his pet sissy. He sent away for various articles of female lingerie from catalogs he had and every night after lights out, he demands that I dress up in a baby doll nightie and sheer pink panties for his sexual amusement. At first I tried to resist, but after numerous beatings at his hands I had to submit and now spend almost every night as his sexual play toy in the cell, much to his and other inmates amusement.

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He insists that I squat when I pee in our communal toilet and doesn’t hesitate to beat me savagely if I forget and stand up to urinate like a man. He says it breaks his fantasy to see me act like another man, as he is now made me his bitch. When I am tired or unwilling to spend the night sucking his huge black cock or allowing him to rape me in the ass, he threatens to “pimp my little bitch ass out” to his friends for a pack of cigarettes, something I dearly dread. I’ve seen what happens to other white sissy boys when the brothers get a hold of them and I have no desire to end up in the infirmary having my anus sutured after one of their bitch parties.

Recently he has demanded I dye my long hair blond and start wearing makeup even during the day. I am loathe to do this as if any of the others see me dressed like that, they will immediately think I’m fair pray for their sexual hungers and perversions. I say perversions, because some of the men in here are so hard and psychopathic that one risks immediate death or torture if you refuse their advances or embrace. I know of one sissy boy in the other cellblock who must spend his nights rimming the dirty asses of some of the grossest man on the planet, an ordeal they call “tossing the salad” and something I never want to endure. I admit I cling to my black daddy for protection and thank the Lord he only wants me to service his huge black cock like a woman and not some degraded sissy bitch.

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When my time is up and I must return to the real world, I hope to put all this behind me, although I have to admit I have grown fond of feeling the sheer silky fabric of my lingerie on my body as I nestle in my black stallion’s arms and drift off to sleep. I’m sure most my friends already know that being a young white boy in a mostly black prison means I’ve had to partake of numerous homosexual liaisons, but the part of me dressing like a woman and acting like a little girl for huge black cons is something I prefer they had no knowledge of.

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