Forced Feminization As Therapy?

Being a practicing psychiatrist dealing with men and their sexual problems, and also a woman, I’ve probably heard it all. And like many doctors I’m sometimes sick and tired of dealing with whiny men who go on and on about how they can’t get a girlfriend or satisfy their wives sexually and blah, blah, blah! Enough already!

My new way of treating these types of male sexual problems?

Forced feminization!

Yep, I tell my patients that they need to start coming to their therapy sessions with women’s clothing and put them on during our session. And they better include the proper feminine underwear and shoes too!

At first they are shocked, but being losers anyhow they soon submit to my demands and shown up with a bag of female clothing that they m,ust put on before we start. I then hypnotize them and introduce the idea into their weak minds that their sexual problems all stem for the fact they don’t really know HOW to sexually satisfy a woman and that the only way they can learn is to become like a woman!

I make them start to explore masturbating in while wearing panties, sexually stimulating their anuses with a vibrator and fantasizing about being pimped out on the street and forced to suck another man’s penis while in their sissy clothing.

Does it work?

Who the fuck cares?!

I just get to have fun with the poor pathetic creatures and make them do things that would normally shock and mortify ANY man! Being feminized and forced to participate in gay sex is not something that they would ordinarily do, but I soon have them sucking cock like a street whore in no time flat! It’s almost too easy and I have to wonder as a Doctor if most males don’t come hard-wired from birth to be a cross dresser and closet sissy “fag”. Hate to use that term, but that best describes these feminized males.

And in the end that’s all that matters. That they reach some sort of sexual balance in their lives and if being feminized and turned into a sissy makes them stop coming to me with their limp penises and sorry excuses, it’s good!

Besides, it keeps the bills paid and lights on at the office! LOL

(Male forced feminization specialist)

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