She Whipped Her Sissy Husband

When I feminized my husband and forced him into the sissy side of life, I actually thought my days of disciplining him were through. After all, I had struggled to get him to wear his male maid uniform, punished him until he sucked cock on command and literally wore myself out pegging his ass with a strapon until he was meek and tame.

But did I think I was going to have to whip and flog him on a weekly basis? NO!

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“Forced Feminization And Whipping Work Well!”

And why do I have to spend hours at night strapping and whipping his ass until it’s red, welted and bleeding?

Because he just will NOT stop masturbating to gay porn on the internet! I swear I must come home from work and find him jerking his cock to pictures of some pretty young boys naked on his computer EVERY damn night!

Now I know a sissy husband sucks cock, but only when his wife allows him to! He must NOT be getting an erection and masturbating without her express permission!

So, it’s down to the basement and fifty lashes across his bare ass until he learns his lesson! A wife MUST be obeyed!

(I will be obeyed in MY house)

Strapons And Femdom Just GO Together So Nice!

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Forced To Become A Sissy And A Cuckold!

How about another delightful forced feminization sissy story?

When she was a young girl, Lara used to like to dress up her dolls, even the male ones as Princesses and fashion models, so was it any surprise that when she grew into a grown woman and married that she did the same to her husband? Forced feminization was something that James had never heard of before he met his young wife, but after she told him she wanted him to wear a skirt and heels around the house he learned right quick what it meant!

But that was just the START of his descent into sissy hell – she soon was making him masturbate to gay porn while cross dressed as a sissy slut! Lara even began to run ads in the local adult personals advertising her new sissy husband as a sex slave for hire, but only if she could watch! And did people respond to the ad? Hell yeah! Seems the world is FULL of men who want a sweet obedient sissy to fuck for a few hours once or twice a month – she did a good business pimping her sissy husband out, at least for a while‚ but poor James soon developed a bad case of shingles after she had pimped him out to one too many gross fat unwashed truckers from the local truck stop and he had to go into the hospital for a while the poor feminized dear.

And what did she do while he was treated? She took an army of black lovers to bed and turned him into a cuckold as well!

What a fate! Forced to become and sissy and a cuckold too! Isn’t marriage grand?

(I like a good sissy story)

These Men Get Feminized And Sexually Humiliated
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Care To Watch The Feminization Fun?

Feminized Husband Punished By Mother In Law

Some say that their wife’s mother is the Queen of all bitches and this poor guy might just agree!

Madge had always thought he daughter’s husband Frank was a bit of a “swish”. She didn’t think he was gay, just that he acted rather feminine and sissy-like from time to time. Like the instance last summer when she dropped by one afternoon unannounced and caught him ironing a pair of panties in the kitchen! He swore he was just doing the chores for his wife while she was at work, but Madge thought the panties looked a little big to be her daughters. Was he ironing a pair of his OWN woman’s underwear? And why?

The truth finally came out one day when one of the neighbors (a real gossip and busy body) told Madge she had seen Frank cross dressed and wearing a little maid’s outfit while dusting the house. She had seen him through the front windows because the curtains were slightly parted. “He was just mincing about in a short skirt and blouse like some French tart!” she had told Madge.

Now THIS was really too much and the mother in law stormed over there and literally burst in the house. She found poor Frank in the bathroom shaving his legs and wearing lipstick, and on the toilet next to the tub was a complete frilly little ensemble he was preparing to put on! And what did she do? She dragged her son in law into the bedroom, snatched a large black leather belt from top of the dresser and proceeded to flog his bare butt till he was crying and pleading for her to stop! But did she? HELL NO! She was pissed “You little fucking sissy fag!” she yelled “Now I know why I don’t have any grandkids yet, you’re a total wimp and sissy!”

But before she could continue her brutal assault, her daughter Jesse walked in. “Mother!” she screamed “What the FUCK are you doing?” “Teaching this damn husband of yours a lesson!” Madge yelled back “LOOK at what he was going to wear while you were out!” she said pointing to the outfit in the bathroom.

“I told him to wear that” Jesse said “And what I make my husband do in MY house is none of your fucking business!” made was dumfounded, her daughter actually FORCED her husband to cross dress and act the sissy maid in their marriage? It was all too much for the older woman. She threw down the belt and stormed out of the house. “Well, I never!” she said as she left “You both are SICK! You need a therapist!”

Jesse watched her mother drive off and then comforted her sobbing sissy husband. “Now, now, baby” she said as she dried his tears “You know you’re my pretty little feminized doll and I’ll always love you!”

Now THAT’S a happy marriage, RIGHT forced feminization sissy stories fans?

(Strong yet gentle with a sissy husband)

Mistress Loves A Good BDSM Session
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Some Of Her Slaves Might NOT!

Forced Feminization As Revenge

Here’s a sizzling little bit of forced feminization that should entertain our story fans!

It should come as no surprise to many men that their wives secretly fantasize about turning them into a sissy. A recent sex survey among younger married women asked if they had ever considered “forced feminization” as a form of revenge in their marriage towards their husbands pegged the number at forty three percent! Yep, four out of ten wives had dreamed about turning their husbands into sissies and feminized males!

What’s going on in society today? Is there something in the water affecting the marital bonds between man and woman that causes a married gal to want to feminize the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with? We asked a few wives about it and got some interesting responses:

“I got bored of his poor love making abilities early on, I guess feminizing him was just a way to keep it interesting”

“When he cheated on me the last time I wanted to take away his manhood, better I forced him to be a sissy and suck cock then grab the knife and make it permanent. At least I might allow him to wear pants again someday after he repents”

“I have not done it yet, I only use it as a threat to keep his ass in line. I tell him if he doesn’t clean up around the house and help with the chores I’m going to get a maid – HIM!”

SO there you have it fellows, better keep on the straight and narrow and listen to the little woman unless you want to be forced to be a sissy and feminized into a wuss!

(In charge you betcha)

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