The Penalty Was Forced Feminization

Recently one of my male clients actually hit his wife during an argument. The little shit! No man should raise a hand to a woman and this guy definitely needed a lesson in male behavioral modification from a seasoned professional – me!

Time To Be Punished By The Mistress

His wife told me to use what ever female domination training methods I thought proper to teach him how to respect and adore the women in his life, and I decided the BEST way would be through forced feminization. Being a rich woman, his wife hired a couple of strong fellows to pick him up off the street and bring him straight round to my apartment to begin his training. I should add that being rich and powerful, he was extremely lucky that his wife did not just have him taken out back and beaten with a chain until he cried for mercy! Instead, she wanted him turned into a sissy and taught to obey.


Cross Dressed And Broken With The Strapon

I began our little forced feminization session by instructing him to dress in the little silk panties, stockings and high heels I had picked out for him. He was then brought to me by a couple of my female slaves attired such and tied into position for what was to happen next. He was bent over a rack and shackled hand and foot with his bottom in the air. I then strapped on my biggest rubber cock, grabbed a good set of cat-o-nine-tails and strode into the room on my six-inch stiletto heels.

He was gagged with a ball gag so he couldn’t cry out as I pulled his panties down and proceeded to blister his naked butt with my whip. Again and again I scourged him until the welts rose and blood trickled down his legs. And that was just for starters!

Now Comes The Ass Raping!

Calling for some lubricant I spread his ass cheeks and roughly fingered his clenching anus, working first one, than two and three fingers in covered in lube as his anus muscles relaxed and loosened up. After a few minutes of this I put the head of the black rubber cock at the entrance of his anus and grabbed him by the hair. “Now you’re going to learn what happens to a man who dares strike a woman. Get ready to be the bitch!” He struggled but then groaned loudly as I slammed the strapon balls deep into his clenching asshole. I began to thrust it in and out as hard as I could, making a slapping noise as my thighs impacted his raised ass and legs. I was enjoying riding him like some pleading young prison sissy and spent the next half-hour buggering him like a common street whore.

Did He Learn His Lesson?

It’s too early to tell if his forced feminization has altered his behavior in the right way. I want him to undergo some ass raping at the hands of some of my large black male friends and then introduce him to the joys of sucking cock – all while dressed as a little girl complete with a wig in pigtails and saddle shoes. His wife agrees with me that it might take a few weeks of this before he is ready to return home and assume his new role as a sissy male maid for her household. In the meantime she had taken a new male lover, a well-hung Latino stud named Jose’ who is giving her the hard nightly sex a woman of her age and social status deserves.

Can You Femninize My Man?

Yes, My Mistresses and I offer a service for feminizing males by telephone, it’s not always as effective as being able to strap the man down and physically rape his ass with a strapon as he struggles in his little sissy panties, but it’s great for preparing them for what awaits if they get out of line at home and disobey their wives or girlfriends. And of course some men just get off on being feminized by a sexually dominant woman, which I love because I can really blow their minds with some of the methods I like to use. I like hearing them work their little cocks furiously as they learn what kind of sissy lifestyle awaits them under the thumb of a dominant bitch!

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Mistress A.
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