I Pimp Out Sissy Men

I run a service for a very specialized clientele, people who like a feminized man forced to become a sissy male maid or boy whore for their sexual pleasures. Most of my clients are rich and powerful men (and women) from the world of business and high finance. Many are from the Middle East where having male servants that one has sex with is considered normal. In fact, many like having white males feminized and sold into their harems to pleasure them as sissies.

Making Money Through Forced Feminization

So how much do I make? Well, it depends. A good sissy male maid can fetch a thousand dollars a night if he’s young and pretty enough, but the average cost for a night’s pleasure with a feminized man is about five hundred dollars. Of course I offer weekly and monthly rates and if the client is rich enough I sell the sissy outright for a good amount – sometimes as high as fifty thousand dollars.

Do The Men Or Boys Complain At Being Pimped Out?

Why would that matter? A well trained sissy will do what he’s told and not complain or mope. After undergoing their forced feminization training, I usually have whipped, buggered and humiliated the sass out of them and they are now ready to be meek and obedient for their new masters or Mistresess. Having subdued and humiliated them into their new gender roles as sissy male maids pimping them out is easy. They have been trained to suck cock and take it up the ass without complaints, and in fact, many now LOVE being forced to live as sissy male whores for powerful men and actually work on perfecting their cock-sucking and man pleasing skills without having to be forced.

Do Some Rebel?

A few, and yes, a few have had to be castrated and turned into eunuchs but not that many. Most men are weak-willed creatures and having been broken by a dominant woman with a strapon they usually respond well to their training and get on with sexually pleasing their new masters without complaint.

Can We Experience This Without Having To Be There?

Yes, call my sissy feminization phone sex number and one of my Mistresses will begin your sissy training or forced feminization routine. In time you can become a proper sissy male maid and seek your own master or Mistress on the world market. Cheers!

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Mistress Olive
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