Black Mistress Hates Small White Cocks

White men have such little dicks! It’s true, being a Black Mistress I’ve seen literally HUNDREDS of white boys with their pants down and I can say they ALL have small penises!

Black men are hung and good for fucking, white men are tiny and good for nothing!

Well, not nothing, I do LOVE punishing and punking some white boy with either my crop or strapon. Hearing them wimper and moan as I lash that ass or peg their shit hole is my passion! And I get paid GOOD!

forced feminization picture
“Small Cocks And Little Dicks Need Humiliation!”

One guy was boasting that he had a big dick and would make me hot – yeah, it was a little bigger than most white wimps, but it was nothing like the ten inches of black steel my main stud Tyrone is swinging every night.

So what did I do after I saw his “goods”? I tied him down and had Tyrone fuck his white ass raw like some screaming little sissy prison bitch – and BOY did he scream LOUD! Cried to God and his mama that he was going to die! LOL.

The little bitch, I had to untie him and put a rag up his ass to stop the bleeding. Tyrone just laughed.

Mistress Afro
(Black Goddess)

Men Need A Femdom Mistress To Keep Them Obedient!

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I’ll Get You OFF But You’re Going To PAY!
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Forced Feminization By The Wife For Having A Small Penis

My friend Clara told me in all confidence that her husband has a little dick and that they were having “issues” in their marriage.

Forced Feminization By the Wife For Having A Small Penis
“I Heard She Raped His Sissy Ass Too!”

I never knew quite what it was until I found this entry from her diary. It’s funny that she refers to herself in the third person, but I think maybe it’s a coping mechanism.

“When Ken married Clara he never in his wildest dreams thought he’d end up like this! Forced to wear a dress and woman’s underwear, taunted and humiliated like a sissy by his own wife. And why? Because he had a small penis! Yep, Clara was sick of his pathetic love-making abilities and had decided from now on SHE was the one who was going to wear the cock in the house…

Pretty fucking juicy, huh? Tee-hee! I love hearing other couple’s dirty gossip!

(Men are such fools)

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