Husbands Spanked By Their Wives

Married to a bitch?

“I’m tired of you telling me what to do all the time! From now on I’M the boss of the house and YOU will listen to ME! And just so you remember our new agreement, I’m going to take down your trousers and paddle your bare bottom like a little boy at LEAST once a week!” Mrs. Smales took no shit from her husband, Jack, and when it can to wielding the paddle, she had no qualms about making her husband’s bare ass BURN! What a lovely dominating woman and one who needs to be obeyed!”

Then stop by and see what happens to Husbands Spanked By Their Wives and made to feel the burn of a wife’s hand, belt or paddle upon the naked ass!

Of course you know the first step to complete feminization and obedience is to get the male to submit to punishment on a regular basis, and spanking is a GREAT way to get the process started ladies, remember that! It won’t be long until he’s merrily prancing in his panties and taking cock like a good little girlie!

(Married and in charge)

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