She Whipped Her Sissy Husband

When I feminized my husband and forced him into the sissy side of life, I actually thought my days of disciplining him were through. After all, I had struggled to get him to wear his male maid uniform, punished him until he sucked cock on command and literally wore myself out pegging his ass with a strapon until he was meek and tame.

But did I think I was going to have to whip and flog him on a weekly basis? NO!

forced feminization picture
“Forced Feminization And Whipping Work Well!”

And why do I have to spend hours at night strapping and whipping his ass until it’s red, welted and bleeding?

Because he just will NOT stop masturbating to gay porn on the internet! I swear I must come home from work and find him jerking his cock to pictures of some pretty young boys naked on his computer EVERY damn night!

Now I know a sissy husband sucks cock, but only when his wife allows him to! He must NOT be getting an erection and masturbating without her express permission!

So, it’s down to the basement and fifty lashes across his bare ass until he learns his lesson! A wife MUST be obeyed!

(I will be obeyed in MY house)

Strapons And Femdom Just GO Together So Nice!

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If You’re A Good Sissy I Won’t Whip You – MUCH!
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Black Mistress Hates Small White Cocks

White men have such little dicks! It’s true, being a Black Mistress I’ve seen literally HUNDREDS of white boys with their pants down and I can say they ALL have small penises!

Black men are hung and good for fucking, white men are tiny and good for nothing!

Well, not nothing, I do LOVE punishing and punking some white boy with either my crop or strapon. Hearing them wimper and moan as I lash that ass or peg their shit hole is my passion! And I get paid GOOD!

forced feminization picture
“Small Cocks And Little Dicks Need Humiliation!”

One guy was boasting that he had a big dick and would make me hot – yeah, it was a little bigger than most white wimps, but it was nothing like the ten inches of black steel my main stud Tyrone is swinging every night.

So what did I do after I saw his “goods”? I tied him down and had Tyrone fuck his white ass raw like some screaming little sissy prison bitch – and BOY did he scream LOUD! Cried to God and his mama that he was going to die! LOL.

The little bitch, I had to untie him and put a rag up his ass to stop the bleeding. Tyrone just laughed.

Mistress Afro
(Black Goddess)

Men Need A Femdom Mistress To Keep Them Obedient!

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I’ll Get You OFF But You’re Going To PAY!
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Men In Panties

As a professional Mistress you can well imagine I whip and flog men on a daily basis. But one little twist I put on it is to make all my males wear a pair of female panties as I punish them!

I just love taunting and humiliating them about being in panties and under the thumb of a dominant woman. I also make them masturbate while wearing girl’s underwear so they come to associate the soft feeling of women’s clothing with having an orgasm. It makes feminizing them later on SO much easier!

forced feminization picture
“Flogging, Spanking, Whipping, It’s ALL Good!”

So, if I could give one bit of advice to all the married women out there, it would be this – put your man in panties and treat him cruel! Trust me, gals, he’ll be all the more obedient and tame down the line!

Mistress Dora
(Love a man in panties – to whip!)

Spanking Your Husband Can Be Fun – FOR YOU!

Forced Feminization Sissy sex story copyright ForcedFeminizationSissyStories.Com. All rights reserved.

I’ll Get You Off And Make You Cum For Me TONIGHT!
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