Forced Feminization As Revenge

Here’s a sizzling little bit of forced feminization that should entertain our story fans!

It should come as no surprise to many men that their wives secretly fantasize about turning them into a sissy. A recent sex survey among younger married women asked if they had ever considered “forced feminization” as a form of revenge in their marriage towards their husbands pegged the number at forty three percent! Yep, four out of ten wives had dreamed about turning their husbands into sissies and feminized males!

What’s going on in society today? Is there something in the water affecting the marital bonds between man and woman that causes a married gal to want to feminize the man she plans on spending the rest of her life with? We asked a few wives about it and got some interesting responses:

“I got bored of his poor love making abilities early on, I guess feminizing him was just a way to keep it interesting”

“When he cheated on me the last time I wanted to take away his manhood, better I forced him to be a sissy and suck cock then grab the knife and make it permanent. At least I might allow him to wear pants again someday after he repents”

“I have not done it yet, I only use it as a threat to keep his ass in line. I tell him if he doesn’t clean up around the house and help with the chores I’m going to get a maid – HIM!”

SO there you have it fellows, better keep on the straight and narrow and listen to the little woman unless you want to be forced to be a sissy and feminized into a wuss!

(In charge you betcha)

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